Executive Roundtables

AZ Growth Advisors facilitate monthly Executive Roundtables for Phoenix-area C-Suite executives. These unique roundtable discussions bring together business leaders from various industries on a regular basis to share stories, solve unique challenges and support one another throughout the year. The meetings are held in a safe, confidential environment, with no competitors in the room. Our advisors serve as facilitators, sharing valuable ideas from their own experience and incorporating business thought-leader best practices into the conversation.

At A Glance

  • 10-12 members

  • Led by an accomplished business professional with relevant experience

  • Safe, confidential environment

  • Monthly meetings

  • Monthly business best-practices expert speakers

  • All-member meetings 2x a year with guest speakers

Program Objectives

  • To support members in reaching their growth goals

  • To provide specialized, ongoing professional development for members

  • To provide a safe, structured environment in which members can address strategic business challenges

AZ Growth Advisors facilitates roundtables for:

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