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Since 2004, AZ Growth Advisors have coached over 150 business leaders on how to achieve their grow goals through strategic thinking and execution planning. Here’s what our members are saying.


"You can have a 3-year strategic plan and encompass it all in one page in a very succinct fashion."

Matt Likens, Former President and CEO, Ulthera Inc.

President and CEO of GT Medical Technologies Matt Likens discusses the benefits of a One-Page Strategic Plan®, the value of his his peer group and his partnership with John Cosgrove and Rick Johnson.

Rick and John have been a constant source of support and knowledge. When obstacles or uncertainties arise, they provide resources and tried-and-true expertise. The monthly education is some of the best I’ve ever experienced and joining is one of the best decisions I’ve made since taking over my company. Their personal attention and commitment are unprecedented.”
— Sharisse Johnson, CEO, Macayo's Mexican Kitchen

For me, the core value proposition of AZ Growth Advisors is that they provide expert advice. Seemingly no matter what the issue, Rick, John and their team have been there before—probably several times, then coached a few other entrepreneurs through it. So when it’s your turn, they really can point you in the right direction.”
— Jim Kane, CEO, Retailer Web Services, LLC

The AZ Growth Advisors CFO Executive Roundtable provides a valuable tool unlike any other in the Phoenix area. It provides a confidential forum for discussions, problem-solving, and best practices with senior-level, highly experienced financial professionals. Couple this with a wide variety of expert speakers, and it all adds up to great learning, relationship-building and professional growth.”
— Shane Dryanski, Former CFO, Border Construction Specialties

I’ve been working with John and Rick for over four years. While many in my field were forced to close their doors, we are now growing again. During my membership, I’ve improved my leadership skills, realized I’m not alone in my ongoing challenges, and built a network of valuable resources. Now I can more clearly see the bigger picture, engage my team and execute on strategy.”
— Erica Boehle, President, NeuroDiagnostic Laboratories

The results have exceeded my expectations. I’ve developed great relationships, and a sounding board that I can readily access when challenges arise. The best practices topics covered by AZ Growth Advisors have been on point, and their guest speakers have been exceptional. My thanks for making this first-class model available to financial executives.”
— Tony Maikut, VP of Finance, Blue Media

When I joined AZ Growth Advisors CMO Roundtable I hadn’t realized how much of the business was spread in different directions. The ideals that are taught in our meetings, and being able to communicate with other leaders from various industries, has provided a great forum to address business challenges. Debbie is a fantastic facilitator who helps bring smart people (in similar roles but not competing business) to the table. I’ve learned invaluable best practices, made local business contacts and developed good friendships. I highly recommend accepting if you’re invited to join AZGA.
— Michael Zalle, Vice President/Partner, Squire Tech Solutions LLC

If you’re lucky enough to be selected as a member of AZ Growth Advisors, you’ll meet people who will become your close friends over time. You’ll be able to openly share all parts of your business with people who have your best interest at heart. And you’ll encounter business leaders and learn business methods you won’t find anywhere else.”
— Bill Weaver, Managing Partner, Focus Benefits Group, LLC

My membership at AZ Growth Advisors has boosted my personal and professional development tremendously. AZ Growth Advisors presents thought-leader best practices in a way that I can implement immediately to add value to my company, and the advantage of having a peers group to bounce ideas off of is an opportunity I’ve not found elsewhere. I’m a huge fan.”
— Rachael Piergallini, VP of Finance, DermaHealth

The ROI that I have experienced from AZ Growth Advisors has multiplied beyond my expectations, and its positive outcomes have rippled beyond my corporate role. I am a better husband, father and community leader because of my development through AZ Growth Advisors.”
— Tim Tiller, MSW, CEO, MYTEK

The charge is to deliver an education that CFOs don’t get elsewhere, so the focus isn’t on accounting and finance. Every session is designed to address leadership issues. We’re free to discuss whatever is on our minds, and as we do so, we hold one another accountable to deliver solutions. This is a great investment, both individually and for the company, and I would highly recommend this program to others.”
— Lorraine Murrietta, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Off Madison Ave

The expert advice and individual attention I’ve received at AZ Growth Advisors has been invaluable to our growth, making a clear difference in how we operate. My peers are a practical, safe and confidential sounding board, a group who truly understands the unique challenges faced by the CFO. Beyond business tools, friendships develop, cultivating a team of advisors who have a genuine interest in each other’s success.”
— Steve Hayes, CFO, Empereon

Joining AZ Growth Advisors has been by far one of the best decisions we’ve made to increase the value of our business—and ourselves. The depth and breadth of their knowledge is truly impressive, and the One-Page Strategic Plan has kept us focused and aligned on strategy, people and execution year after year.”
— Jill O’Bryan-Lopez, Multi-Unit Franchisee

AZ Growth Advisors and John Scherer take an excellent approach to imparting best practices from other top-level CFOs. They also provide access to an impressive list of speakers, resources and expert advice, all of which has helped me grow professionally. My involvement has been a tremendous benefit to my career development as a financial executive.”
— Richard Skufza, CFO, Phoenix Rescue Mission
Former EVP and CFO, LaneTerralever

AZ Growth Advisers has been a valuable member of the Greenleaf Paper team since 2004. With their guidance, we have developed a management team, managed a generational transition in leadership and, most importantly, grown the business. We highly recommend AZ Growth Advisers and the dynamic that Rick and John bring to helping you build a thriving business.”
— Gregg Mosby Jr., President, Greenleaf Paper

Going in, I had questions. Would I truly get value out of the group? Was it diverse enough? Would I better my company from my learnings? My concerns quickly dissolved. Connecting with my peers, gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and a sounding board, and learning best practices has been invaluable to my professional growth, clearly enhancing the value I bring to my company.”
— Ken Gerard, CFO, Interface

AZ Growth Advisors has had a very positive impact on my personal growth and my ability to affect change in my rapidly growing business. I feel blessed to be in such a rich environment, surrounded by fellow executives, helping each other think constructively. It’s an investment in the future that I believe in and am fully committed to.”
— Tom Freeze, COO/CFO, Ergonomic Solutions

The AZ Growth Advisors CFO Executive Roundtable provides a safe and confidential forum to discuss business concerns, best practices and value creation with CFOs from various industries. The open environment and camaraderie allow for direct and honest expression of opinions, as well as growth and development opportunities.”
— Lisa Replogle, Assistant Vice President, Controller, HonorHealth
Former CFO, The Core Institute

I have had the good fortune of knowing Rick Johnson and John Cosgrove for the past eight years. They both possess remarkable talents of insight, understanding, prescient guidance, outstanding support and commitment. Together with their team, they have been invaluable.”
— Jim Ross, President, Horizon Distributors, Inc.

Since joining in 2015, I’ve found AZ Growth Advisors to be a tremendous resource. The content of their forums is always relevant—especially advantageous in our rapidly changing business landscape—and connecting with peers in a variety of industries has been instrumental to my professional and personal growth.”
— Mike Shandler, Former Director of Finance, Botanicare, Inc.

Working with Rick and John for the past several years has allowed me to transform my company from an average company to a high-performance company. By implementing certain best practices and tools, we have changed the growth trajectory of our employees and the company.”
— Bahan Sadegh, CEO, Greyhawk io
Former CEO, NETtime Solutions

AZ Growth Advisors provides me access to a forum of C-level execs, resources and expert advice. Rick, John and their team have managed and led through it all—their coaching is priceless.”
— Mario Martinez, Former President and CEO, 360 Vantage

Rick and John are a fantastic team, and the environment they’ve created within the group fosters a high degree of openness and trust among the members. I can honestly say that AZ Growth Advisors is a great investment of my time.”
— Adam Sharp, CEO, Botanicare/Hawthorne Hydroponics

In addition to Rick and John, who are tremendously knowledgeable, my peer group has been so insightful—it’s the first place I turn to for advice and ideas. The biggest benefit, though, has been the education on best practices. We’ve implemented many of these practices at Cranial Technologies, and I can honestly say it’s made a big difference in how our company runs.”
— Carol Erickson, CEO, Cranial Technologies, Inc.

Arizona Growth Advisors is both a peer group and real-life experience MBA rolled into one. The monthly meetings have given me an opportunity to reflect on our business plan, bounce ideas off of peers and talk with experts who have sat in my seat before. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience since joining.”
— Sarah Weiss, COO, Elite Roofing Supply

I was skeptical at first. I soon discovered, though, that instead of being “alone” in the world, there were others in my same position, facing similar challenges. When we began working through challenges as a group, I felt like a door had opened. I saw ways to become a better leader and when I put what I learned into practice, people in my professional and personal life took notice!”
— Dan Sloan. COO, Redcat Racing

AZGA is a great resource for any leader tasked with running a rapidly-growing organization. Both professionally and personally, I have found tremendous value in the roundtables. It has been well worth the time and financial investment.”
— Luke Livak, Director of Finance, Loftin Equipment

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