Leading for Performance Series


The Leading for Performance Series is a long-term organizational improvement program that equips first-line supervisors (managers of individual contributors) with basic supervisory skills, helping them develop key leadership competencies.


At A Glance

  • 16-18 members

  • Led by business expert Kristine Johnson

  • Safe, confidential environment

  • Monthly meetings

  • All-member meetings 2x a year with guest speakers

Program Objectives

  • To help members develop key supervisory skills and leadership competencies

  • To provide a safe, structured environment in which members can practice and improve these skills


  • Setting Goals For Success
    Explore proven techniques for setting goals.

  • Delegating with Confidence
    Explore the challenges of delegating, and tools and skills for doing so with confidence.

  • Reviewing Performance
    Learn to write and conduct effective performance reviews.

  • Coaching for Performance
    Learn to effectively to bring out the potential in others.

Modules Included

  • Meeting Leadership Challenges
    Explore the responsibilities inherent to leadership positions.

  • Win-Win Relationships Through Dynamic Communication
    Learn techniques to improve communication and interpersonal relationships.

  • Communicating with Purpose
    Learn effective communication practices for today’s business environment.

  • Managing Conflict
    Learn methods for a collaborative, win-win approach to conflict resolution.


Coming into the course I was totally green. In fact, I started my Team Lead position around the time that the LFP series began. The knowledge and experiences I was exposed to while working with other members of the course is priceless. I can implement a lot of the things we’ve learned fresh out of the gate!”
There is so much learning from different aspects! Group exercises, group conversations, the breakdown of the tools, the manuals. . . It has been a great learning experience for me and it has given me more confidence and awareness of different things involving the work place.”

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