5 Habits to Revolutionize 2018

Michael S. Seaver

Michael S. Seaver

These are the five habits Michael tries to instill in his clients - (1) confront your fears, (2) time distribution, (3) physical, mental and spiritual health, (4) accountability partners and (5) living your "why". Listen to this podcast - http://michaelsseaver.com/podcast/8-5-habits-to-revolutionize-2018/ - to recap Michael's in-person content.

Key Takeaways

  • You set and quality check progress on your corporate goals; do the same for your personal goals
  • Work and life integration can happen by continually confronting your fears
  • Distribute time into tracking and reflecting on auto-analytics
  • Balance physical, spiritual and mental health by knowing your genetics and epigenetics
  • Set transparent goals with accountability partners to keep you progressing towards your goals

About Michael S. Seaver

Helping people disconnected from their purpose uncover and live their purpose.
Michael S. Seaver is an executive coach with expertise in executive leadership, personal branding, change management, organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. He is a contributor, to Forbes, serves on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona board of directors and was, named to the Phoenix Business Journal's 40 Under 40 Class of 2016.

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