Hiring: The CEOs Most Important Job

Brian Mohr

Brian Mohr

1.) The importance of your employment brand, 2.) Re-imagining how to define roles in your company through a multi-stakeholder design process, and 3.) Engaging the best talent with a human-first outreach process.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognize that people are the only sustainable competitive advantage
  • Define your company purpose and values, and live them as if your business' life depends on it...because it does
  • Posting jobs ads is not a hiring strategy - you must be proactive if you want to find the best talent
  • Seek input and perspective from multiple stakeholders, not just the hiring manager, when defining what success in a job really looks like
  • As the CEO, your fingerprints must be all over the hiring process - stay involved

About Brian Mohr

Meaningful work is the highest currency in today's business
Brief Bio: Brian's career-to-date has been a learning-based journey with an intense focus on people, purpose, values, culture, leadership, and capitalism as a force for good. Brian is the co-founder of Y Scouts, a purpose-based leadership search firm, the host of the 'Built on Purpose' podcast, and a member of the Global Board of Director of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. 

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