Creating Alignment to Ensure Strategic Thinking Can Be Executed

Laurie L Taylor

Laurie L Taylor

Tools and methodologies you can apply immediately to improve alignment, guarantee engagement so that you can actually implement strategic plans throughout the organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what stage of growth your company is in and why that’s important
  • Understand what ‘hidden agents’ exist today that are creating obstacles to growth
  • Identify your top five challenges
  • Uncover your gate of focus that will serve you best for your stage of growth
  • Learn about the Stages of Growth X-Ray, a process that creates clarity of your top 5 critical issues today and guarantees you walk away with alignment, engagement and a sure-fire implementation process

About Laurie L Taylor

Experienced business owner that took a startup to over $12 million in sales with 120 employees. I help business owners predict the challenges that come with growth.