The Great Game of Business Overview

Rich Armstrong

Rich Armstrong

This engaging and highly interactive workshop will teach participants all about the origins & fundamentals of open-book management & The Great Game of Business. Participants will walk away with knowledge to immediately begin implementing The Great Game of Business through the use of MiniGames™.

Key Takeaways

  • Participants will leave understanding the fundamentals of Open-Book Management and The Great Game of Business.
  • This is a highly interactive training session that will give members the skills set and the toolkit they need to design and apply effective MiniGames™, providing rapid results and lasting change.
  • In this workshop, members learn to develop their own MiniGames™ to:
    • Keep people focused on a common goal
    • Encourage employees to work together and build a winning team
    • Create line of sight between team contributions and your company's strategic goals 
    • Reinforce business and financial literacy training
    • Develop an engaged team that drives results and creates wins

About Rich Armstrong, President, The Great Game of Business

Rich has more than 25 years of experience improving business performance & cultivating employee engagement through open-book management & employee ownership with service as a consultant & current executive at SRC Holdings Corporation, a 35 Year Employee Owned Company. He co-authored the update to The Great Game of Business 20th Anniversary Edition and is known for his engaging, down to earth presentation style. 

GGOB Profile:  
Twitter: @gr8gamebusiness