3HAG WAY: The Strategic Execution System That Ensures Your Strategy Is Not a Wild-Ass-Guess!

Shannon Susko

Shannon Susko

3HAG WAY explains the importance of implementing a practical and prescriptive Strategic Execution Growth System that will align your whole company to drive the growth you have always wanted with ease and confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • GUT OUT your 3HAG!

  • Draw your Key Process Flow Map

  • Map your market

  • Create your strategy—Follow 3HAG WAY steps 4-8

  • Map it out quarter over quarter—Follow 3HAG WAY steps 9-10

  • Iterate and evolve your 3HAG as needed!

About Shannon Byrne Susko

Shannon is an experienced high growth CEO who has lead the very successful sales of two companies using the Strategic Execution Growth System outline in her second book, 3HAG WAY. She has been helping company’s commit and create their own growth system that is seeing on results on average of these companies more than double the value of their company in 3 years! Shannon is committed to making sure company’s can grow the way they want with ease.

Email: shannon@ceozen.ca
Website: www.metronomeunited.com
LinkedIn URL: www.linkedin.com/in/shannonbymesusko
Twitter handle: @shannonsusko