Purpose beyond Profit

Michelle Cirocco

Michelle Cirocco

74% of people, spanning all generations, want a job where their work matters and 40% will prioritize purpose over pay or title. This has given rise to the purpose driven movement where people are willing to spend more on products that align to purpose, and expect business to get involved in solving the societal problems of today. As a result, businesses should clearly define their purpose and align the organization, employees, customer and community to create loyalty and engagment.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the value of a culture of respect and how to implement it.

  • Develop understanding of the value of purpose and how to write a purpose statement for your company.

  • How to increase employee engagment through investing in employees, including diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, job descriptions and career mapping.

  • How to align with third party resources such as B-Corp and Conscious Capitalism to validate and promote purpose internally and externally.

About Michelle Cirocco

Throughout her career at Televerde, Michelle Cirocco has developed a passion and commitment for the success of the business. During her 20 years at Televerde she has worked in account management and sales positions to leading the company’s global marketing department, building and managing the client success department, and overseeing sales operations.

Email: michelle.cirocco@televerde.com
Website: www.televerde.com
LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellecirocco/
Twitter handle: @mcirocco