Disrupting your Own Industry

Zach Ferres

Zach Ferres

In this presentation and workshop, Zach shared the impact innovation and technology is having on each of our industries. He shared an actionable “Innovation Process” and templates that can be used within your organization. Zach then provided a variety of pathways for organizations to participate in the innovation happening within their own industry. Finally, Zach facilitated an interactive ‘Problem Identification’ workshop to identify an innovation opportunity within your own industry. During the session, we learned: 

  • The different types of innovation 

  • Why innovation matters to me and my business 

  • What does innovation look like 

  • How to innovate (a process) 

  • Identifying industry problems to shape startup concepts 

  • How to participate in your own industries innovation (as an organization) 

This fun and engaging presentation was filled with great data-points, processes, templates, and viewpoints that Zach has employed to build over 285 startups at his Venture Builder. As a take home, Zach shared some great templates, books, and some methods for participating in the innovation space with your own company. 

Value to Members 

Member left with a better grasp on how innovation relates to them and their business. They left with an understanding of how to run a structured “Innovation Process”. The Lean Startup tools used to build a startup can also have many internal applications within your current organization. The members took home some a big industry problem within their space and the tools they need to go see if they can solve it.

About Zach Ferres

Zach Ferres is the CEO of Coplex, a nationally-ranked Venture Builder that partners with industry experts to start high-growth tech companies. Coplex has built over 285 startup companies around the globe with an aggregate market value of over $4.5B. Coplex has been featured in VentureBeat, Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur, NPR, Mashable, USA Today, and the Washington Post. Zach sold his first technology company at the age of 24 and was recognized as one of the top 33 student entrepreneurs in the world. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Ohio Northern University with a minor in Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. Outside of Coplex, Zach is an award-winning speaker, a runner, and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Program Categories 

  • Creativity/Innovation 

  • Technology 

  • Venture Capital 

  • Future Trends 

  • Startups